25 thoughts on “Tornado Hitting A House (Attica, KS) Harper County- May 12th, 2004

  1. tornadovideostock

    Yep, it was dubbed the Wizard Of Oz tornado a few years back ­čÖé Thankfully the couple who lived in the house were unharmed! They´╗┐ took shelter in their cement reinforced basement.

  2. OddballExtreme

    I’ve´╗┐ seen this video on several different TV shows, and it’s still amazing to see that house be lifted as if it were right out of “The Wizard of Oz.” That was incredible zooming in on it.

  3. tornadovideostock

    Not our job lol. We’re there to document and when necessary call/radio in reports via spotternet, radio or cell. There’s no gathering data on´╗┐ our part, we leave that to the scientific community.

  4. Tabitha6000

    Well duh!!!!!!! Thats the job a of storm chaser. To´╗┐ charge into a tornado and gather data!

  5. tornadovideostock

    The house did have to be rebuilt but thankfully the two´╗┐ occupants in the basement were totally unharmed!

  6. NukeMyHouse

    Closest ive been to a tornado was a funnel cloud over the Everglades, a few days ago. I took pictures from my backyard. Never touched down.´╗┐ Only tornado ive ever seen.

    Compared to you guys charging into tornado-full storms.

  7. tornadovideostock

    Yep! Very true, if you have debris spinning up on the ground you have a tornado, regardless of a visible funnel or not.´╗┐ Thanks for watching!

  8. w9awx1

    Excellent spotter training video to show showing how you don’t need to have´╗┐ a condensation funnel all the way down to the ground to have a tornado.

  9. TheElectrikSound

    Really like your videos mate. Much more professional than that constantly´╗┐ shouting bloke on most of the other tornado videos.

  10. German Garcia

    the only resone i like tornadoes is it can destroy school and then u wont go´╗┐ 2 school

  11. jessicajaeger86

    I know school was out when the storms went through so I can’t remember if´╗┐ anyone was there or not. It took out the gym windows on the ceiling and the announcers box on the football field.

  12. tornadovideostock

    This day was intense for sure. I hope there were´╗┐ no injuries at the school. Thanks for watching.

  13. Jessica3271986

    I was a Senior at´╗┐ Chaparral when all these storms went through. I remember that it hit the school and my class was unable to have graduation practice the next day due to damage at the school.

  14. tornadovideostock

    Very true about the size of the tornado not necessarily having anything to do with it’s strength.´╗┐ But in this case it didn’t pick up the entire house, just the roof. After the tornado went by all the walls were still standing, thus the F2 rating.

  15. Cellmate412162

    If that tornado was´╗┐ able to pick up a whole house from its foundation, shouldn’t it be an F5 instead of an F2? After all size doesn’t matter, and I learned that from the Elie Manitoba tornado in 2007.

  16. tornadovideostock

    This footage of mine has made the rounds on various weather´╗┐ related programs. Thanks for watching!

  17. CamOfficialMusic

    yes! thats what i meant! i couldnt remember if it was storm riders or storm chasers! i watch that show all the time. i really wanna become a storm chaser when i’m older! i can recognize the EF scale of a´╗┐ tornado, just by watching it hit a house.

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