25 thoughts on “Raw Video: Tornado Rips Off Arena Roof

  1. joenissan

    ROFLMAO……Look at all the fucktards just driving past like nothing happening! Those are the ones whose families would be like “they were killed by a tornado”. No stupid, the assholes DROVE into the tornado!

  2. rockpunkqueen201

    and they just drive by….they’re like “Oh look a tornado…honey get the camera!”

  3. Juliwalks

    We have had 5 tornados in a year :O
    NOT NORMAL haha
    The last two were so scary! They were headed like RIGHT towards the heights but luckily it turned towards Shepard, but it was on the highway!

  4. lugh23s

    That’s true. Although Billings Montana has gotten at least one tornado scare every tear around fathers day, only a few have actually caused any damage. I just witnessed two a couple hours ago, one year after this video came out, just two weeks before fathers day. Only last year did we get any real damage. This year it’s just flooding, but that’s more than just local, I’ve been working Disaster relief for over a week already and the worst is yet to come.

  5. Dulcimerist

    Tornados are so rare in this area that many people who live there are completely ignorant and clueless about the power and danger of a tornado.

  6. turbonetic777

    You know people are used to tornadoes when they just drive through them…. 😮

  7. mikevicksucks7

    You didn’t capitalize “bad” at the beginning of your sentence. And you miss quoted “to bad your stupid” because I did not put a period after it.

  8. BigBlackPeter

    bad english grammer: “too bad you’re too stupid….” Now go write that on the board 100 times!

  9. DJdoppler1

    Those idiots were just drivin’ on by as if to say “meh, I’ve seen better”. WTF?!?!?

  10. KevinsUTubeCam

    look at those junk traveling around the tornado! its like in dragon ball z rememebr when u were a kid and watched it ? no? idgaf but its like super saiyan hahaha

  11. hellianspitfire24

    the cars are goin by so slow
    i think i’d be like speeding down.

  12. mikevicksucks7

    to bad your to stupid to know that as cow balls i mean bull cows if i said bull balls that could bull cow or bull elk…..seems like you took some true thought to think that one out

  13. charleshdowns

    What are there stupid people doing driving by in their car? Fucking sight seeing?!

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