22 thoughts on “Raw Video: Storm Chasers Capture Okla. Tornado

  1. Torn80cj

    We have had them earlier than this. In 2008 and 2009 there were early February tornadoes. We probably won’t see any until April since some cold air has infiltrated the Gulf of Mexico from our recent winter storm on March 20th. The air takes a little time to get juiced up after strong cold fronts dig into the Gulf of Mexico. Last year we had a low number of tornadoes, so chances are it could be active this year.

  2. alix0657

    I wish more tornado videos had good sound, but that’s pretty rare. I don’t think it’s the chasers’ fault, though. It’s a shame because the sound of a tornado is unforgettable.

  3. TroySundt

    haha at first i thought he said: ok i think there’s restrooms down that road…

  4. BertGriffin88

    With the increased intensity displayed in every weather condition that’s been recently recorded, I’m guessing tornado alley will suffer tornadic activity like never before. Run Oklahomians, run as fast as you can. Build underground. Dig down deep, reenforce those hatches so that battening is super easy & super strong. The tornado devastation has begun, March 8, 2010. Ain’t no telling when it will end. Good luck Oklahomaians.

  5. yorkandpomona

    really scary…..R.I.P. those who died….and bless the ones left cleaning up the mess

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