25 thoughts on “NYC Snow Storm w/High Winds (Manhattan, NY)- March 2nd, 2009

  1. tornadovideostock

    I hate putting music over my videos, unless they were silent to begin with (timelapses, etc). Thanks so much for watching!

  2. metafis

    Yes, agreed and also, no awful music..just the natural ambiant sounds of the scene.

  3. tornadovideostock

    Thanks!! Not one of our biggest by any means, but a fun storm none the less 🙂

  4. PrayerCoach

    This is ONE of the very best NYC winter videos…great eye, steady hands, slow panning, and freeze enduring.

  5. tornadovideostock

    Thanks SO much for watching! It wasn’t one of the bigger snow storm we’ve seen here in NYC, but it was enough to disrupt travel in the city that day. Love San Diego by the way! Beautiful city 🙂

  6. PrayerCoach

    In San Diega CA there are hundreds of car accidents just when it rains, this is THE best urban winter video on youtube

  7. tornadovideostock

    Sounds like Los Angeles lol! My friend Jeff lives in LA and he says the same thing! Thanks so much for watching!

  8. meteorrocketable

    It’s really amazing how well New Yorkers get around in the bad weather. I wish people in my hometown could be more like that when it comes to driving in snow. You so much as mention snow flurries where I live and everybody is running each other over trying to buy out the grocery stores. And people aren’t very good at driving in it either which kind of amazes me, because a lot of people in my community are originally from northern places such as New York where people get around in the weather.

  9. tornadovideostock

    So glad you enjoyed the vid!! I had to get into Manhattan early for this storm, but it was worth it 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  10. JazzyL8888

    This is amazing footage Scott ! Excellent quality and audio ! This video could easily be a clip in a movie 🙂 Love it !

  11. tornadovideostock

    Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 I do try to incorporate not only the storm, but the people being affected by it. Thanks again for watching and commenting!

  12. 2010ditta

    One thing I like about your films Scott, apart from the fact of you getting battered by storms all the time, is that you show people still getting on with their everyday lives no matter how much snow is on the ground around various locations of NYC with all the taxi’s and buses still running, except for the police car lol. Great stuff.

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