25 thoughts on “Loretta Lynn – Harper Valley PTA

  1. Collier121907

    who gives a fuck if she is high on pills or whatever she wanted to do she was talented enough to have been able to do a great job even on acid and being from eastern kentucky myself i can say that at least 90 percent around here are on one pill or another and the last time i was in florida i think its a safe bet to say its the same everywhere

  2. MrCloudseeker

    I cannot stand that backing band and I think that is what she is laughing about….they sound terrible and the are rushing her.

  3. christinjoyarmstrong

    Just because you love this doesn’t mean you have to hate on something else.

  4. swampzoid

    this song is perfect for loretta lynn – she couldn’ve had a big hit with it herself.

  5. Imjustme778

    I love this video, If she would have sang it perfect it would have just been another Loretta video. The fact that she messed up some of the words,kept singing and smiling and having fun with it says a lot about her character. What a beautiful person inside and out, love her. I can’t think of a singer today with her beauty, class and talent.

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