24 thoughts on “Large Tornado- Alda/Aurora, NE June 17th, 2009

  1. tornadovideostock

    It appeared that way but there were a little ways from it still. WAY too close for my comfort but I guess not for some lol. Thanks for watching!

  2. RushBeatles

    Were those people actually driving through the tornado from about 4:17 onward?

  3. tornadovideostock

    Very close to Aurora for sure! We were there as well briefly. Thanks for watching!

  4. TheDarien1999

    that day i was i grand island wich is really close to aurora the sky was really black

  5. supervulcanM

    Yep the native americans have literally controlled the weather for centuries and will control the weather for centuries.

  6. tornadovideostock

    Yes, lol…that was our good friend Mark. The camera survived! Thanks for watching!

  7. tornadovideostock

    This tornado was rated an EF2, and it did destroy a home. Not very weak at all really. Thanks for watching!

  8. 1scooter1111

    Was that a car?!?! From 4:19 to 4:25 O_O Other than that the tornado was sort of weak though It was one…

  9. whippedcream100

    ok whoever says this is a weak tornado should stand in the middle of it. then you’d see how weak it is. great footage! very eerie

  10. adulby

    almost looks like a gustnado but i guess if it caused that much damage it was prolly a tornado.

  11. tornadovideostock

    The size of the tornado many times has little to do with it’s strength. This tornado was rated EF2 and mostly destroyed the Iams dog food plan. Thankfully the employees, many of which were still there at the time found shelter inside and were unharmed.

  12. yetibiker08

    was that even an F class tornado? looks really small and weak like this margarita I am drinking right now

  13. yetibiker08

    CGI , I knew it!! You should send it in to Hollywood and make some serious mullah convincing people this was real!!

  14. tornadovideostock

    You got me, I faked the entire thing with my incredible CGI skills and my endless bank roll. lol. Sorry it bored you, but thanks for watching anyways.

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