24 thoughts on “Incredible Minnesota Tornado! (August 7, 2010)

  1. Mike Marvin

    I remember watching this video back in 2012 before i sign in my YouTube account,the first time i watched this tornado video was awesome.

  2. tornadofreak1997

    This just proofs that size doesn’t matter when it comes to tornado intensity.

  3. M Azara

    Wow great video, but you did get to close if that tornado changed course you would have ended up in the land of oz LOL!!

  4. Paulsnextwife4

    My nine year old son gets on here under my name and makes comments. He has a form of autism, and tornadoes are one of his passions. It’s been very hard to convince him that it’s not the size of the tornado, it’s the damage it causes that makes it get it’s EF rating.

  5. Vallence712

    You were very close to that tornado, It looked like it could have shifted any second. Not to mention you were well within the debris field. You got some great footage i hope it was well worth the risk.

  6. Torn80cj

    Great tornado, I don’t know how many times I have watched your vids, definetly going to miss chasing with you out on the plains, even though we never actually chased together. But we ended up on the same storm a few times.

  7. MsSarah719

    Andy was one of the gutsiest chasers out there. He had no problem getting right up on a tornado. RIP Andy, you will be greatly missed.

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