25 thoughts on “Historic NYC Blizzard Of 2006 (Time-Lapse)- February 11th/12th, 2006

  1. tornadovideostock

    Well you certainly found the right video! lol. Thanks for watching. Yes, your weather there is all about extremes. Hot in the summer and can get brutally cold in the winter.

  2. MrIPhonatic

    I was looking for something like this to get my mind off of this HOT St. Louis heat. We have such a weird climate here. It ranges from about -20 in January to about 110 in Juky-August!! We usually get a good deal of rain the fall/spring and then a very healthy dose of snow/ice in winter. It’s such a strange place to live weather-wise.

  3. tornadovideostock

    @hockeyteen99 Really? Wow I’m surprised. This was the storm that gave us the most snow ever in NYC from a single storm. Just a tad over 26 inches.

  4. tornadovideostock

    It was! The winter is still young so we’ll see what happens over the coming weeks!

  5. tornadovideostock

    part of the reason is the street lights in the city (which have that orange hue to them) are being reflected by the white snow falling. It is pretty neat and it happened again the other night when we had our big snow storm!

  6. tornadovideostock

    I love the way the sky looks too right before it snows!! Brings back great memories for me as well 🙂

  7. castlevamp

    i love it when its about to snow at night the sky is all redish pinkish and when your a kid you would stay up all night to see the snow and no school next day

  8. tornadovideostock

    Points north of us get even more snow that’s for sure! But we here in NYC do get our fair share, especially last winter! Thanks for watching and commenting!!

  9. hockeydude171

    man i live in north carolina and i do not like our winters here it hardly ever snows here and our average winter temp is between 40 and 45 id want to live somwhere between northern va and maine because our winters are soooo boring and our summers are so loooonnnng and i hate heat rather live somwhere where there is more snow 😉

  10. c0ckNockeR

    i love how you can see the snow drift forming on the left roof. really awesome.

  11. tornadovideostock

    Thanks for commenting! And yes, I remember hearing some thunder as well during this storm. A truly impressive storm for sure and one that brought us the most snow ever recorded in NYC from a single event. Our most recent storm ranked in at #4 I believe 🙂

  12. Niyologist

    I remember that this storm gave me Thundersnow and snowfall rates of up to 3-4″/HR for 2-3 hours. I loved this storm a lot, but I realized that this storm isn’t so rare. It can happen on any winter, but 3′ snowstorms are absolutely rare for the Tri-State Area. 🙂

  13. tornadovideostock

    Pretty close actually! About 8 miles from there. It’s the Forest Hills/Rego Park area just off Woodhaven Blvd. Thanks for watching! I’ll be posting a lot more vids over the coming days/weeks

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