25 thoughts on “Harper Valley PTA movie clip / singer Jeannie C. Riley

  1. donteverlietome

    AH, Barbra Eden, what an incredible lady.
    As a teen I loved her as the Genie from a bottle in the TV show, “I dream of Jeannie.” She had such a mischievous, lovable personality.

  2. rubino83

    (Mrs. Baker looks mighty relieved when she’s passed over.)
    Holy damn, Ronny Cox in big 60s hair. And he’s not even killing anybody.

  3. 57yearcrucifixion

    Lucy & Pat DiMauro, again, ask:  “Who has invaded the privacy of THE DIMAURO’s? Why are they not in prison yet?” Saturday, June 30, 2012 (P – Present), 6:06 PM (Earth – Eastern Standard Time)

  4. ArienAngel2203

    and like my sister in the 80’s NO help from the government with working tax credits or child tax credits or childcare was all done by family, that’s why today we have a very close knit family and all the kids are well mannered and most of all working not layabouts.

  5. lovethe60sman

    Barbara Eden is probably the best looking woman that ever lived. Her body and face were perfect.

  6. hoopy1111

    Hey just don’t forget this really did happen and it happens each and every day. So get you’re nose out from under her mini skirt and go to the truth of the matter.

  7. roguetmt

    What really matters here is that there’s a really cool painting of a cat in the background at 1:08.

  8. mrknowitalllt1

    don’t get it twisted, i loved the show and still do and i agree with you to a point, but, i was just speaking as a humane being not a tv producer or actor, i know how story lines work for tv shows but i still can have an objective view about something. all i was saying was as a genie, she was fine as hell.

  9. Rastis35

    It was a tv show that wouldn’t have lasted one season if his character was some p*ssy hungry pig?
    I mean, seriously. If he was all into her, would that show have lasted more than two episodes? No one would’ve cared.

  10. Movieboy5280

    If you want to download this (this one is blocked) go to my Video Response above (youtube[DOT]com/watch?v=R2_eAF5ev4s)

  11. Movieboy5280

    Why on Earth have you blocked it to be downloaded?
    It’s not like it’s a new release for crying out loud!

    It’s rude and an oxymoron to sharing.
    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    May you be forced to listen to 1,000 hours of Alan Alda monologues in one ear while simultaneously listening to Ralph Nader speeches in the other.

  12. mrknowitalllt1

    as a kid growing up watching barbara eden in i dream of jeanie, i used to get pissed off at how major nelson treated her. what man in his right mind would treat a fine ass genie like her the way he did. she was so fine in that harem outfit and she had powers to do anything for him but he didn’t want anything from her, so i always thought he was gay as hell.

  13. yrandyc11


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