25 thoughts on “Family’s surveillance cameras rolling as tornado hits West

  1. pyronaught

    At 6:35 the entire house is rendered into a particle stream in only a few
    seconds and blown directly at the camera… wow!

  2. Joe Brammer

    @ 6:30 that house explodes, but where is the tornado? Also what is smoking
    so bad in the earlier frame? The house looks to be bellowing smoke?

  3. 777jesusrox

    @wxkato “large satellite vortex appears in the upper right of the screen”
    …..you betcha…that is the edge of the tornado as it moves away. “video
    clock keeps ticking until the end at 10:31, but the image is frozen.” Yes,
    that is the raw unedited footage of each camera angle. They author allowed
    the recording to continue after the final frozen screen.

  4. jonathan powell

    Thank you for sharing this have you submited this video to the national
    weather service office louisville? You will want to do that. This is very
    rare video evidence

  5. hebneh

    Actually that annoying TV station logo is there to cover up the original
    security company’s equally large logo which is on the original recording.
    So either way, we don’t get to see this video without somebody’s big
    rectangle in the lower left corner.

  6. SteveSabbai

    …i wish the Tornado would blow off the WKYT27 NEWSFIRST Logo!!!…i think
    they need a bigger logo?!…

  7. Sportsphorogirl

    They must have had some kind of back up generator on these cameras. This is
    the most amazing footage I have ever seen!

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